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Top 10 Skincare Tips For Summer: How To Keep Your Skin Feeling Amazing

Summer’s coming; how to manage and keep your skin healthy and glowing during the hotter months

When you live in a hotter climate, any skincare tips for summer can be life saving. My skin and summer have really never gotten along, for as long as I can remember.

I personally live in a hotter climate, so on top of sweating through shirts on a daily basis, and dealing with unbearable heat, I also had to deal with how my skin reacted; mainly in the form of inflammation and acne.

Sweat would irritate my skin, cause bacteria, and mix with my already oily complexion to produce a bright shine on a daily basis.

It wasn’t great.

Thankfully, as I’ve grown older and wiser, I’ve come across a wide range of brilliant skincare tips for summer, that have made managing my skin that much better.

The top skincare tips for summer are as follows:

Don’t forget to listen to your own skin, and try to figure out what it personally needs. Skincare can be tough, and everyone has their own unique set of skin.

1. Use lighter skincare and makeup products.

When the climate gets hotter and more humid, your skin (as well as yourself) will need time to breath.

This comes in many forms, but mainly comes down to not overpowering and smothering your skin with products.

In the form of makeup, this means to perhaps scale back on foundation, or even go shorter periods with full coverage.

For skincare products, there are a lot of heavy moisturisers that don’t let your skin breath.

In our article on the best order to apply your skincare routine, we go over some holy grail moisturisers that would be perfect for summer.

2. Stay hydrated.

We all know hydration is key for your general wellbeing, as well as your skin health. It’s proven that around 8 cups per day is the optimal amount of water to drink.

Drinking more water will not magically improve your skin, however it’s important during summer to maintain your hydration levels.

Staying hydrated will ensure your skin is looking and feeling it’s best.

I set myself a goal a few years back to increase how much water I drank per day, and something that really helped was investing in a bigger water bottle.

Skincare tips for summer: get a waterbottle

This large Camelbak water bottle for example did an amazing job at keeping me hydrated.

3. Have cold showers.

brown tabby cat wearing shower cap
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Okay I know what you’re thinking. This skincare tip for summer certainly isn’t for everyone. What’s better than a warm shower, right?

However long, hot showers has proven to lead to dryer skin, and can increase the severity of acne, inflammation, and eczema.

This is particularly true during the summer, when your skin is already more sensitive, and exposed to hotter weather.

I can completely empathise with you. Cold showers aren’t great. But the data is in, and they’re great for your health, and not just your skin. Cold showers can:

  • Increase endorphins
  • Help improve metabolism
  • Improve circulation
  • Helps fight off common illnesses

I’ve personally seen amazing results from my skin, after changing to cold showers every morning and night.

My skin was less red and irritated, and my acne drastically improved.

4. Invest in some hydrating skincare products.

I personally have some all time favourite skincare products that help me through the hot summers.

These products aim to hydrate, moisturise, and sooth your skin during hot weather.

Investing in great hot-weather skincare products is one of the BEST skincare tips for summer possible.

Olay Hydrating Facial Spray

Hydrating sprays are a MUST.

I personally keep a few different kinds at home, and also at my desk at work. They’re perfect for summer, but are also great all year around.

If your skin needs a boost in hydration half way through the day, this mist from Olay is perfect.

With vitamin C and bergamot, this mist will help brighten and refresh your skin during the summer.

A warning though; spraying a moisturising mist during a hot day is ADDICTIVE. You won’t be able to stop.

“I love the way the smells and it gives me really good hydration. I use this at the end of the night after I finish my skin care routine and it is the perfect addition to finish off my skin care. He gives me a nice dewy glow and I use this daily!”

“This is a good face mist! The smell is good. It works well. It’s energising in the morning. Great for before makeup or even just on a hot day.”

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid

I bet my entire skincare collection you’ve already heard about this serum from The Ordinary. Everyone loves it.

Every YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram skin influencer has raved about it.

It’s affordable, and the high potency of hyaluronic acid makes it perfect for extra moisture during summer.

Your skin will thank you later.

After searching for a new skin routine I found my way down the path of The Ordinary!
This is hydrating so it’s a MUST especially for these summer months. I put maybe five or so drops on my face and then a little on my finger tips & rub it in. My skin has NEVER felt so smooth & soft.”

“Definitely worth it!! I use this daily in the summer to get that hydrated, bouncy skin feel. It works great, cost is GREAT, and doesn’t have any perfume to irritate skin.”

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Cream

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Cream

Etude House has some of the all time BEST Korean skincare products.

Heard of collagen? Well this cream packs a punch with it, offering intense moisturising factors, while keeping your skin smooth and dewy.

If you haven’t already incorporated some collagen rich products into your routine, then this summer would be the perfect time.

Collagen promotes general skin health, as well as skin cell regeneration (great at healing acne stars).

One of the best skincare tips for summer would definitely be to invest in a brilliant moisturiser, that your skin will love.

Speaking of which, we did the research, and found the 8 best Holy Grail Moisturizers of all time.

“LOVE THIS!!!!! Every night I follow my k – beauty skin routine and I always finish it with this collagen cream !! This cream applies to my skin leaving it soooo soft! The collagen is an important aspect in skin care helping with the building of new skin cells and repairing scars! I love this and it smells so good.”

“This is my all time favorite moisturizer. I haven’t found anything better yet. It feels amazing when I put it on, and it keeps my skin moisturized without making it oily. I put a serum on underneath it and it does a good job at trapping the serum in for extra moisture. I also love the smell.”

5. Use sunscreen religiously.

person pouring plastic tube bottle
Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

You should already be using sunscreen daily in all seasons, however during summer it’s vital.

Make sure to use a high SPF product, and if you’re going to be in direct sunlight for an extended period (like the beach) consider reapplying your sunscreen a few times.

Even on a cloudy summer day, it’s still important to be wearing sunscreen if you’re going out during the day.

Regular SPF usage has a wide range of benefits; chiefly a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines later in life.

If you’re also battling with acne scars, unprotected sunlight can worsen their appearance, pigmentation, and indentation.

(Have we listed enough reasons to use sunscreen yet?).

6. Use vitamin C and antioxidant rich products.

Summer is the perfect time to feed your skin with nourishing, healthy skincare ingredients.

Vitamin C for example works towards brightening and smoothing skin texture, giving you a radiant, summery glow.

There’s HEAPS of different vitamin C products, but our favourites are as follows:

KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

Klairs Vitamin C serum

This powerful serum from Klairs is a summer essential; it will work to combat any inflammation, irritation, and uneven skin tone.

Vitamin C can increase your skins sensitivity to sunlight, so make sure you have full SPF coverage if you decide to go out with vitamin C (or else get burnt, irritated skin).

“I started this serum at the beginning of summer because of all the hype and it was worth it. The price is pricey but totally worth the value, I wanted to start using more vitamin C products and I felt this was a gentle way to begin and highly effective. I have visibly seen the fading of darks spots and my skin tone becoming more even! Even after my first use my skin was glowing. I would definitely recommend and look forward to using more products with this brand.”

“This product fell from heaven! Its summer time and my skin has been through a lot because of the weather. pimples would come and go and would leave dark spots and hyper-pigmentation but this product is slowly but surely reviving my skin back to life. I use this every night and my skin would look brighter the next morning! You need this product if you want glowing skin.”

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

This serum from Mad Hippie is somewhat of a cult favourite, and is perfect for Summer.

It’s somewhat more expensive than other serums, but it’s 100% worth it. (Check out the 2,500+ glowing reviews on Amazon).

I’ve personally seen amazing results from this serum, and would highly recommend it if you’re looking to include some Vitamin C into your summer skincare routine.

“When my skin was breaking out last summer, I added this serum to my regimen and this made all the difference. It was the step before my moisturizer and I have kept it up all year; the results are definitely there! Highly recommend to all!”

“This serum is great for those looking for a lovely summer glow! I recently added this serum to my skincare routine as a way to even and brighten my skin tone. So far, it has worked very well.”

7. Consider using a moisturiser with SPF.

If you want to drastically lighten up your skincare routine for summer, it might we worth combining your sunscreen and moisturiser into one.

Particularly in hotter climates, this lighter routine can be beneficial to let your skin breath more.

If you want the scoop on the best tinted, SPF moisturisers, check out our article on just that.

A non-summer related benefit of this tip is also cutting down on your skincare routine time. It’s a whole step shorter; perfect if you’re in a rush, and don’t have time.

8. Try out pure aloe gel.

I know some of you might have previously had bad experiences with aloe gel, but hear me out. In its pure form, it leaves no residue, and is NOT sticky.

It simply leaves your skin feeling cooled and refreshed. Bonus points if you leave the gel in your fridge to cool; it’s the perfect summer relief for hot, irritated skin.

I personally use it every day, it mix some in with my moisturiser, morning and night. Your skin will love it.

Because of that, using aloe gel is one of my personal favourite skincare tips for summer.

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Soothing Gel container

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Soothing Gel

This aloe vera gel is PERFECT for summer. Apply it throughout the day, on your face or body, to provide instant, moisturising, refreshing relief.

If you coincidentally have aloe vera growing in your back yard, you’re firstly extremely lucky and privileged, and secondly, you can cut some off and apply it straight to your face.

And it’s free!

“I love this incredibly hydrating product, it’s like water to the skin. I keep it in the refrigerator and it is always fresh and tones better, it works very well for oily skin and is essential after sunbathing a lot or going to the beach. It is an extraordinary product.”

“This is an essential in my household. It’s such a cool and refreshing gel that I use either casually or to target my dry skin patches. It has that fresh aloe smell and isn’t sticky after usage. My family also uses this to relieve sunburns in the summer! It’s all-in-all just a great product.”

9. Avoid sunburn and stay in the shade.

adult beach enjoyment fat
Photo by VisionPic .net on Pexels.com

It depends on the climate and summer that you’re in, but in some countries, direct sunlight can be ruthless. (Looking at you Australia… )

These summer ‘sunburn factors’ come down to the ozone layer above you. A thinner ozone layer will lead to drastically more solar UV intensity.

In the case of Australia as well, the Earth’s orbit literally brings the country closer to the sun compared to Europe, resulting in a 7% increase in intensity.

Interesting, right?

Just try to keep in mind your country / cities UV intensity, and plan your sun exposure accordingly.

Out of all the skincare tips for summer, this one is particularly important if you’re in a high UV city.

10. Try out mattifying products.

During Summer, it’s natural for you to get sweatier and oiler, much more easily.

I’m naturally a pretty sweaty individual, but this becomes especially true during summer and hotter months.

Out of all of the skincare tips for summer, this one in particular was life saving.

A mattifying product works to eliminate that annoying forehead and face shine that crops up half way through your day.

One of the best mattifying products for summer is as follows:

Effaclar Mat Oil-Free Mattifying Moisturizer

Effaclar Mat Oil-Free Mattifying Moisturizer tube

This moisturiser will change your perspective on your skin during summer.

It has strong moisturising factors, and will leave your skin looking smooth, glowing, and not in the slightest bit shiny (it will last all day, too).

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the 2,200 positive reviews on Amazon.

“This is my favourite moisturizer, it mattifies my face and make it looks much cleaner, what I like the most is that I do not even have to make up the rest of my face to make it look good. It is for all skin types especially oily skin.”

“Amazing Moisturizer! Having oily skin, I really loved how this product moisturized, as well as matted my skin. Pores and texture totally blur with this product! I highly recommend it!”

There you have it!

The all time best skincare tips for summer!

Keep in mind that everyone has different skin, and you might not experience the same results as other people.

Also don’t forget to experiment; take these skincare tips for summer and change them around, to see what suits your own skin best.

At LazyHealth we independently research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.



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