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Skincare For Men: The Best Products All Men Need To Use 2020

Dear Men™, I would just like to firstly apologise for the misleading headline; there’s no such thing as ‘skincare for men’.

There’s just skincare, and companies taking advantage of, and manipulating your masculinity, and fear of femininity.

They’ll market a shitty mask, but put it in black packaging titling it something like “Fierce Rock Energy Exfoliation”.

As a fellow man™, these companies are genuinely embarrassing. Take for example, this skincare for men ad from Lumin.

I can barely watch the entire thing, it’s so cringeworthy.

I would say this post made to r/SkinCareAddiction sums up the situation fairly well.

Reddit question about mens skincare

Don’t take this as shaming or attacking the uninformed – it’s not anyones fault.

It’s just comical that as a society, we think that basic products (such as a cleanser), need to have a ‘man’ and ‘woman’ version.

To make up for destroying your reality and hopes for Skincare for men, I’ll detail the very best skincare products for everyone, particularly for individuals (or men) that might not know where to start when it comes to skincare.

It begins with getting the perfect order of products. We go into a deep dive on the best order and products in our article here. However for today, let’s just keep it simple starting out.

The best skincare order for men

This recommended routine has two ‘sessions’, which should be done every day. Every day seems like a lot, but it only takes around 6 minutes.

That’s not much of a sacrifice for smoother, healthier, more radiant looking skin.

The first session is done in the morning (when you wake up, perhaps after your shower) and the second session is before you go to bed.

Let’s call them your AM and PM routine. The only difference (for now) will be that your PM will not need sunscreen.

AM/PM | Step 1

You’ll firstly need a cleanser. This acts to wash away dirt, dead skin, oil, and any impurities that might be affecting and hindering your skin.

A great cleanser is one that isn’t strong, and doesn’t contain natural oil stripping ingredients such as alcohol.

Most ‘Mens’ skincare cleansers contain these harsh ingredients, and don’t work towards maintaining your natural oil barrier.

If you’re a man that’s struggling with oily skin, this may be why.

The more you try to get rid of your natural oils, the more oil your body will produce. Here are a few amazing cleansers to get you started:

The Best Skincare Products All Men Need To Be Using In 2020

These cleansers will leave your skin feeling fresh and cleaned, while also hydrated. Gently massage the cleanser into your skin, and then rinse off.

AM/PM | Step 2

Your second step will include a serum, which are skincare products that have active ingredients that work on skin concerns.

These ingredients could be glycolic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C, and many more. Here are some of the best to get you started, which help towards smoother, brighter skin.

The Best Skincare Products All Men Need To Be Using In 2020

AM/PM | Step 3

Your third step will be a moisturiser. This aims to finish your routine by locking in moisture, while providing hydration to help lower oil production. Moisturising also helps with dryness or flaky skin.

A fair amount of mens moisturisers contain fragrance, which drys and irritates your skin, which can cause pimples and acne.

A lot of them further contain high amounts of alcohol, which do the same thing. Here’s some amazing moisturisers that your skin will love:

The Best Skincare Products All Men Need To Be Using In 2020

AM | Step 4

Your final step (only in the morning) is perhaps the most important.

It’s sunscreen!

And I know what you’re thinking.

When I was first told about sunscreen in a skincare routine, the only point of reference I had was that greasy, thick sunscreen you put on at the beach.

It’s not that!

The sunscreens listed below blend naturally into your skin, while protecting your skin against sun damage.

Starting the use of sunscreen today, is the best thing you can do to fight against ageing skin when you’re 50.

It might not be a concern now, but your older self will thank you.

Sunscreen also for me greatly reduces my skin from getting slick with oil throughout the day.

It has a lot of benefits. Here are some of the best:

The Best Skincare Products All Men Need To Be Using In 2020

As a man with oily skin, I used to have a strong shine on my forehead and face at around midday no matter what.

However after trying a mattifying sunscreen such as the BIORE UV Perfect Milk, I could last all day without any shine.

I genuinely have no idea how it can stop oil production like that, but it just does.

If your skin is more on the dryer side however, a normal, non mattifying sunscreen would work fine.

Skincare for men: the disillusionment

I hope this article helped any men or women that want to get started with skincare, but didn’t know where to start! If you want a more complex and detailed breakdown of a great skincare routine, check it out here.

And remember, ‘skincare for men’ products are a scam, and the companies that make them are hoping men will be gullible enough to fall for their marketing tactics.

It’s somewhat of a tangent, but check out the first page on Google images for ‘skincare for men’ compared to skincare for women’.

It’s a bit of a joke, isn’t it? As skincare gets more and more popular and mainstream, I’m sure the aggressive marketing of skincare for men will die down.

In the mean time, if you have any male friends or family that are looking into working towards nicer skin, save a soul and point them in the right direction.

At LazyHealth we independently research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.



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