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How To Get Rid Of Acne & Manage Your Skin: 4 Key Tips

Getting rid of acne can seem like a total war with your skin.

In this article, we’ve detailed 4 key tips about how to get rid of acne:

And a lot of websites or companies will preach that it’s easy to get better skin.

They reassure that it will be fixed with a certain product. Or a certain supplement.

But life is tough, and there’s no miracle answer to acne. It’s natural, and something that most people experience.

Despite this, acne seems to hold zero representation in any standards of beauty.

Which is really unfair, and perhaps a fairly dark side of society and our standards. For example, L’Oreal fired insta model Kadeeja Khan as they said,

“L’Oreal can’t be involved with people with skin issues”.

(With heaps of skin positivity, Kadeeja’s insta account is definitely worth checking out.)

I think as well it’s possible to believe that acne is perfectly natural, while still working towards better, non-acne skin.

You can be comfortable in your skin, while still work on it. In the same way you can be comfortable in your weight / body, but still workout and go to the gym.

Skincare & Acne is hard

It took me a while to figure this out, but I recently realised a fundamental truth about most things; If it’s hard, then there isn’t an easy answer to it.

No, that crypto currency webinar will not help you get rich, neither will that pyramid scheme help you become a self employed, #bossbabe mum.

No, that $50 serum won’t completely shrink every pore on your face, and that cleanser won’t revert your skin to how it looked when you were 3. If it’s hard, than there isn’t an easy answer.

There certainly is no easy answer to acne. There are some not-so-easy steps you can take however, that may help out. And emphasis on may.

Everyones skin is different, so pay attention to how it reacts, and what it likes. Not knowing the cause of acne seems like an experience most people can relate to.

Before we take a look at how to get rid of acne, let’s first go over some of the possible causes. Different people have different causes, but here’s some of the most common.

Common acne causes

  • Your body is reacting to something you’re eating. Your body could react to anything you’re eating, however some of the most common triggers for acne are sugar, dairy, processed foods, and high GI white carbs. We go over these acne causing foods in more detail here.
  • Your body is reacting from a nutritional deficiency. Some people have found that their acne was caused from not getting enough foods / vitamins such as Iron, calcium, fibre, zinc, vitamin B, vitamin D, and more
  • Your body produces acne from hormonal imbalance. Both men and women can experience acne that is impacted by their hormones. Stress plays a factor in this, as being continually stressed results in hormone release.
  • Your body is reacting to an environmental factor. This could be dry or humid air, pollution, make up, skincare products, clothing, and much more.

1. Consider if acne is impacting your confidence

I think a key thing to consider, is the relationship between acne and your confidence.

I know it’s easy for someone to say “Hey! Stop worrying about acne! It’s not that bad!” when it’s not something you can just switch off.

But coming from my own experience, as someone that’s struggled with acne for most of my life, it seems like the biggest drain acne has, is your own self confidence.

I realised this can actually be a good thing, as self confidence can be defined on your own terms.

This may be a bit of a tangent, so if you’re not looking for anecdotal realisations, feel free to skip this, no hard feelings.

Back to my realisation.

I was with my friend, meeting up with a potential new housemate, to inspect an apartment that we were looking to move in to.

Neither of us had met this new potential housemate; let’s call him… Frank.

The first thing I noticed about Frank was the sleek suite he was wearing – he had just finished work when we met. He was a lawyer.

I also noticed he had a lot acne. Which to be perfectly honest, surprised me. He was this confident, professional, out-going lawyer, who also coincidentally had acne.

He was owning it. For whatever reason, this was the first time in my life that it clicked for me; you can be confident and have acne. You can be powerful, out-going, professional, and have acne.

It doesn’t have to define your behaviour.

Wether or not Frank’s confidence was genuine or faked, it didn’t matter. The bravado looked amazing on him.

And it fundamentally changed how I thought about my own acne.

I wish I had met Frank earlier in my life (Although the apartment ended up being less than suitable, so we never crossed paths again).

Because of Frank, I realised you can be confident and have acne.

I’m sure some of you might laugh at the fact that I had never thought of such a basic idea, but I just hadn’t. You can be both.

how to get rid of acne
hImage: Instagram/@peterdevito

Acne is natural, and all you can truly do is take care of your skin. If you’re doing all you can, and you still have acne, then you’re powerless, and that’s okay.

It’s natural, let yourself give in to the idea that it will not be instantly cured by a certain product.

Become friends with your acne. Let your inner Frank shine through.

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah. Tips on acne.

2. Be aware of foods your body may be reacting to

as mentioned before, diet can be a factor contributing to acne.

Your body may be reacting to seemingly harmless products (For some people nightshades such as tomatoes and eggplants will cause acne).

However there are a few key foods that a majority of people find have an impact on causing acne and pimples.

These include dairy, sugar, and more. You can learn more about these key foods and what to replace them with here.

Food is particularly tricky however, when it comes to acne. It’s a blessing and a curse, as if you find out that dairy for example, will lead to more acne, you can end up feeling incredibly guilty on the occasions that you do eat dairy.

I’ve personally experienced this.

However I think in the broad scheme of things, being aware of your diet is for the best.

Personally, I owe my interest in skincare for improving my health in general.

I learned about nutrition, and how important healthy eating is for your body, and as a result, improved my overall health dramatically.

A good rule to follow is 80/20. Perhaps you’ll discover white bread has an impact on your acne, but don’t want to give it up entirely.

Try cutting it out for 80% of the time, leaving that 20% for indulgence.

You’ll appreciate and love the flavour of it much more, and that 20% may have almost zero impact on your skin.

I sometimes catch myself feeling bad about eating a certain product, and will have to remind myself that this one occasion will literally have no impact.

3. Have a gentle skincare routine for your acne

With so many products, and conflicting recommendations on what to buy, it’s easy to overpower your skin with strong exfoliants or acids. Keep your routine simple.

Perhaps even try cutting out the majority of your steps entirely.

It’s common to have a break out, and then have your reaction be to add more serums, or cleansers, or masks – which end up making it worse.

This exact scenario happened to me a few years ago, but I eventually decided to cut my routine down to just cleansing, moisturising, and sunscreen.

And my skin loved it! I’ve even gone complete cold turkey and trialled not using ANY products.

And my skin was fine. (This no-products-routine is called the caveman regime, and might actually work for you.)

4. Consider what vitamins you might be missing from your diet

For a lot of people, deficiencies in vitamins can have an impact on their acne.

This may be due to your climate, (such as not getting enough natural vitamin D) or like myself, as I eat little to no red meat, and thus would not get enough iron strictly from my diet.

Supplements can be extremely beneficial in this regard.

The following supplements are some of the best for skin: (Only if you are already lacking them in your diet.)

supplements for acne

Show some love to your skin with some holy grail skincare products

Skincare products that just make you go ‘wow’ are far and few between.

Thankfully for you, we’ve put together some of the best products out there, that will make your reaction just that. Read about them all here.

At LazyHealth we independently research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.


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